The Rise of Political Bigotry

When a person is a bigot, they are intolerant towards a specific group of people.

15852906521_800bd92ca3_bMy latest Op-Ed in The Post Millennial. Your comments are welcome!


  1. Good post. It reminds me of a strong dislike and bias I have against someone who I was working with. It was based purely on things which that individual had said to me and the treatment I received from him in general. There are other things, a couple of his views and attitudes which were unrelated to me or the whole workplace. I didn’t like these things but they didn’t effect our working relationship. Only what he said and how he worked with me were reason for my grim dislike. I’ve been guilty in the past, however, of seeing an individual in a poor light based mostly on a group they belonged to.

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  2. Your article is quite a thought-provoking read! Embarrassingly, though I’ve often heard the word bigot used to insult someone, I didn’t completely understand until reading your post what it meant. Yes, bigotry is certainly ugly. It justifies disregard for another’s worth based on his or her political standing, religious leanings, or any other association.

    The line “Too often, shunning someone is hatred and contempt masquerading as a virtue” especially stood out to me. The example from The Scarlet Letter drove that point home. It might be easier to shun than to engage with someone whose views conflict with yours, but what good does thst do anyone? Opposing sides will never understand one another and join to solve the disagreement that divides them if they reject all interaction, let alone democratic discourse.

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