The MeToo Movement: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Automatically believing the accuser is to prejudge the accused without considering their testimony or evidence.

https_s3-us-west-2.amazonawsMy latest Op-Ed in The Post Millennial. Your comments are welcome!


  1. I agree that the MeToo movement, while powerful and important, has the potential for abuse, and has in fact been abused already. This line from your article summed it up perfectly: “The MeToo movement risks becoming a witch hunt with innocent men being burned at the stake.” I often read that one of the greatest fears of male teachers is false accusations of sexual harassment. Such a charge, even if untrue, could at the least retard a man’s career. As the case is, I don’t believe that accusations of sexual harassment by women against men receive as much attention or are regarded as seriously. It’s a double standard.

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