Diplomacy 101: Three Things Justin Trudeau Needs to Learn

While public criticism can be an effective tool to change the actions of an elected politician, it won’t work with Saudi Arabia, an absolute monarchy.


My latest Op Ed was published in The Post Millennial.

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  1. Some insightful remarks here Christopher, the most important, from my perspective, is politics via social media.

    Devoid the vital influence of inflection, body language, gestures, etc., written communications is always sketchy at best. And when politicians fall into the trap of using social media, even as a low-level diplomatic tool, they are committing an egregious error, condemning themselves to the ranks of utter uselessness as leaders.

    I remember, before the early 2000s, when politicians wisely refrained from using social media, for the very reasons stated above. But then, I can also remember when politicians understood the need for quality over quantity; harmony over extremes.

    Are eloquence and persuasion dying arts. I certainly think so.

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