Why Maxime Bernier is a Hypocrite

Hypocrites preach one thing and do the exact opposite without any regret or remorse.


My latest Op-Ed is on Maxime Bernier’s departure from the Conservative Party. It was published in The Post Millennial.

Your comments are welcome, even if you disagree!


  1. Brian has a good point. The massive flood of electorate in the US leaving the traditional political parties seems to support the idea of a schism in partisanship. Independents, such as myself, like to think that the abandonment of partisan preference is taking the U.S. towards a non-partisan world. However they seem to continue voting partisan during the general elections, so maybe their protests aren’t as significant as they look on paper.

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  2. Very interesting piece, Christopher.

    I know virtually nothing about internal Canadian politics, but it sounds to me like you guys are experiencing many of the same intra-party schisms we’re having now here in the US.

    I have to give that some thought, because there may be a column in it. It’s perhaps reflective of a paradigm shift in Western cultural values or ideology that may be worth examining. I dunno, that’s just off the top of my head…

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