Roger Tuckerman Emails

Letters from a Madman

Sunday May 5/19: Download it for FREE!

lettersfromamadman (amazon-2500)

Welcome to the gonzo world of Roger Tuckerman!

Letters from a Madman includes 22 of his funniest emails, written to girlfriends, businesses, schools, newspapers, and politicians.

Available on Amazon!


Three Ways to Improve Employee Morale
A Shocking Stay at a Hawaiian Resort
Driving the Devil out of Detroit
The Man Who Repelled Women
The Number-One Reason for Weight Gain
Raise the Legal Age for Marijuana
Why I Love Getting the Flu
Why You Shouldn’t Shake Anyone’s Hand
I Have Toxic Masculinity
Why I Need Quiet Time
Two Reasons Why I Can’t Marry You
I Love Useless University Courses
Death from Candy
How to Get Children to Eat Dinner
Banning Best Friends at School
Banning Homework at School
Gun Free Zone Signs Don’t Work
The Noisy Neighbour
Dinner Reservation for a Narcissist
Gender Equality in Canada’s Prisons
Why Daylight Saving Time is Bad
I Want to Move to Mexico


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