The problem with the word ‘Islamophobia’

Freedom of speech includes the right to criticize any religious belief or practice you disagree with.


When someone speaks out against Islamophobia, two important questions must be asked: Are they trying to protect Muslims from hatred and violence?  Or are they trying to shield Muslims and Islam from criticism?

My latest column was published in American Thinker.

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  1. Thanks, Woody.

    Islam began with the Arabs, but anyone can become a Muslim.

    Christianity began with the Jewish people. (Jesus was a Jew, along with the 12 disciples.) But anyone can become a Christian.

    A religion is not a race, and it is not racist to criticize any religion, especially Islam.

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  2. As a well-read and considerate Atheist, I have noticed a severe lack of the use of the word ‘Arab’. In looking into the details and scriptural wording and historical and modern themes of religion, I have found so much disturbing in Islam (I had thought Christianity was bad !) But when confronted with the actual words and meanings expressed by their own holy book, the Muslims don’t even rise to debate me on the subject of their god’s dodgy and doubtful revelations to human-kind.
    Christianity cannot be sourced to a particular race, neither can Islam. However, the Arab race, which is not one of the major races used in the definition of race, as are Caucasion, Negrozoid and Mongol, has a long-standing assumed connection with Islam, despite the fact that the religion itself is worshipped by a larger group of human breeds. I do not use the word ‘breed’ in a derogatory sense because the actual definition of race is the various breeds of Homo-Sapien.
    Discrimination of those of the Arab race is common in association with Islam, quite an inaccurate default in my opinion. I’ve met Christian Arabs (mostly Catholic), Muslim Arabs and even Atheist Arabs.
    I began this comment with a sure motive and intention to illuminate the reader with my wisdom but have since forgotten my original motive so will simply wish everyone, of whichever incredibly doubtful and offensive religion they follow … a good evening and promising tomorrow.
    All the best, fellow thinkers,


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