The Lady and the Sword – A poem

Inspired by Le Morte d'Arthur

lady and the sword

There is a lady in the lake.

Her movements make the water quake.

On the shore, men rant and rave

as she swims above the waves.

In her hand she holds a sword

that can quell the angry horde.

But this is not a sword of violence.

It can heal a blunted conscience.

The lady is looking for a knight

who will take the sword to fight.

But no knight comes to her today,

and so the lady swims away.

Tomorrow she will reappear

to men and women standing near.

To receive the sword, there is no test.

All who say yes will be blessed.

The ancient blade transforms the bearer.

They will discern truth from error.

And if brave knights will take a stand,

the sword will heal and change the land.

I am the author of The Donkey King and Other Stories


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