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Four Reasons Why Daylight Saving Time is Bad

Daylight saving time has ruined this man's life.

My name is Roger Tuckerman, and I suffer from daylight saving time.

First, it has a negative impact on my emotions.

In the spring, when clocks leap forward an hour, people don’t get enough sleep. When people are tired, they get grumpy, and don’t laugh at my jokes! This lowers my self-esteem.

Second, daylight saving time is bad for my body.

Last November, when the clocks rolled back, I went to a nightclub, and drank and danced for an extra hour. But the next morning, something terrible happened: I had a hangover and sore knees!

Third, daylight saving time is bad for my mortality. If you don’t get enough sleep (when clocks leap forward), you’re more likely to get into a traffic accident, and you could die.

Daylight saving time almost killed me. On March 15, after the clocks moved forward, I was speeding to get to work because I overslept, and I smashed into a garbage truck. I destroyed my bicycle!

Fourth and finally, daylight saving time is bad for my career.

My biological clock wakes me up an hour before work, but when clocks leap forward in the spring, my alarm clock doesn’t wake me up, and I’m late every day for a month. Unfortunately, I haven’t found an employer who will put up with this, and I always get fired!

I hope that the government will cancel daylight saving time. If they do, it will help me get to work on time. Sadly, it’s that time of year again when I’m looking for a new job.


  1. The situation changes, we must adjust to it … because we want to keep going to work and getting paid … It is our responsibility to adapt. I have fallen out of bed in the morning flailing frantically to shut up my alarm and felt like death, like a corpse digging up through the earth to find the painful, blinding sunlight, that I may stalk the roads to my damn job. I’ve felt the deathly pain everyone describes and others, on the way to work, have smiled brightly at my passing form to receive only grim half-smiles in return. I must get to work and earn a damn living. It’s MY responsibility to do so.

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  2. I used to love the fall time change and I have always hated the spring change. Now both of them are terrible for health and sleep. It’s just crazy. Thanks for writing. God bless!

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